Recognized for many years as a supplier of ingredients for bakery such as Emulsifiers, BNC offers innovative, world-class ingredients for other industries, namely beverage, confectionery, meat, etc.
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    Personal Care

    Active Ingredients Aloe Vera Amine Oxides Antibacterial Agents Betaines Ready Bases for skin & hair care Chlorhexidine Colorants & Dyes Cleansing & Conditioning Agents Emollients Emulsifiers Exfoliants Extracts Fatty Acids Fatty Alcohols Foam Boosters Gelling Agents Gums (Arabic, Guar, Xanthan) Glycerine Hair Relaxer Base Lanolin L-Carnitine Lotion Base Moisturizers Oils (Massage, Essential) Omega Preservatives Polymers Polyquats Proteins & Collagen ...
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    Health & Nutrition

    ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Extracts (Green Tea, Moringa, etc.) Fiber/Prebiotics Isoflavones Natural Dried Powder (Banaba, etc.) Natural Spray-dried Powder (Pineapple, Mango) Natural Vitamin E Niacinamide/Vitamin B3 Phytosterols INACTIVE INGREDIENTS Antioxidants (BHA/TBHQ) Dextrose Anhydrous Emulsifiers Essential Oils Excipient (Sodium Starch Glycolate) FD & C Colors Flavors ...
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    Animal Nutrition

    Acids (Ascorbic/Citric) Biocides Disinfectants Egg Powders FD & C Colors Mold Inhibitor (Liquid/Powder) Prebiotics (“Fibersol-2”) Skimmed Milk Powder Soy Protein Concentrate Vitamins
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    Amine Oxides Bases (Disinfectants, Sanitizers) Cleaning Agents Biocides Colorants Microbial Control Products Surfactants Preservatives Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
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    Mosquito repellent – Potenza Protect LE+ (Lemon Eucalyptus oil powder, microencapsulated) Insecticide – Actellic 50 EC, Demand 2.5 CS Rodenticide – Klerat Solo, Klerat Combo Termiticide – Optigard TL (non-repellent), Demon Max (repellent) Roach bait ...
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    LABORATORY Water Activity Meters Stirrers Pumps Autoclaves Refrigerated Cabinets Baths Immersion Thermostats Centrifuges Ovens-Incubators-Furnaces Biological Accessories Heating Mantles & Hotplates Analytical Techniques Nutritional and Water Analysis Balances – Optical Viscometers Safety Cabinets Analytical Consumables PACKAGING Filling machines Capping machines Labelling machines Form-Fill-Seal machines Unscramblers Pharmaceutical Packaging machines Carton Erectors Carton Sealers Edge-Taping Carton Sealers Robotic Palletizer Stretch-wrap machines Shrink-wrap machines Vacuum ...

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The Skin’s New Fight against Infrared: How to Fight it.

The Skin’s New Fight against Infrared: How to Fight it.

Achieve Complete UV Protection with the latest ingredient “Venuceane” Infrared radiation (IR) represents more than 50% of solar radiation. Representing more than half of the rays emitted by the sun, our skin is exposed daily to infrared [...]

100% Real Fruit and Vegetable Powders (Freeze-dried)

100% Real Fruit and Vegetable Powders (Freeze-dried)

Some key facts about freeze dried products Moisture content is around 2% with water activity usually under 0.1 Shelf life is typically 18-24 months for Freeze Dried fruits and vegetables and 6-12 months for cheese [...]



Types of Sweeteners Clearsweet® glucose  syrups IsoClear® high fructose corn syrups  Clearsweet® glucose syrups Glucose syrups are a low-cost, refined and renewable base material for many industrial applications. Its natural polymeric structure allows its use as a: [...]

Sunscreen Actives

Sunscreen Actives

The Science behind Solaveil™ Solaveil is a range of inorganic sunscreen filters that provide protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The difference between inorganic & organic suncreens Sunscreen filters can be put into [...]